brutal americana 001: bombs away!/enzuigiri split c7

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2009 by brutalamericana

one song from each band – both contain twinkly parts! spraypainted purple tapes with hand-stamped covers on rice paper. edition of 100.

bombs away! – “there is no tomorrow, tonight”

screamy and pop-punky stuff from connecticut. lyrics about feelings/living in the world. this song exhibits the band’s more screamo leanings. they have however, made a pact to never have a song with a “talk part”.

enzuigiri – “skeletal path”

west virginia riffy screamy hardcore with epic/fantastical lyrical content. ex- and current members of powerbomb, von cosel, swampgeist, and horseburner.

paypal $4 to or send $4 well-hidden cash to 345 eldert street #20, brooklyn ny 11237.

download tracks here